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Power Wash

Our power washing and pressure washing services
Outdoor surfaces, including walk ways, buildings, garages and parking lots are faced with daily contamination from dirt, oil, greases and different kinds of pollutions. This in turn can make your residential or commercial property to lose its cleanliness and value. This is not good for your business and your property. All Star cleaning pressure washing service is just what you need to bring back the youthful attraction your commercial property had lost.
Do you own or work in an office building, Shopping Centers, Retail Stores, Gas and Service Stations, Restaurants, Banks or even Churches? Do you want to maintain the attractiveness of their sidewalks, walkways, store fronts, awnings or the sitting areas? All Star Cleaning will use a power wash system to remove dirt, drink and food spills, chewing gum, rust and built-up deposits, tire marks, oil spots and cigarette stains, mildew and more. We power wash and return the cleanliness look of your property.
We also can power wash your residential property as well. Power washing is best when preparing for remodeling or painting. Contact us and let us help make your dream home together.
We also clear out dirty trash enclosures. Having large items and dirty trash enclosures in your apartment or condo complex can be so unpleasant. Did you just do a general house or office clean out? You probably don't know where you can dispose all kind of large items you want to get rid of such as couches, mattresses, bed frames etc. All Star Cleaning can take care of this for you. We also pressure wash, disinfect and deodorize your trash enclosures making it all clean and neat. We save you the headache of hours of sweeping and washing these areas.
We also offer Trash Chute Cleaning. We can clean out and get rid of waste matter, bacteria ridden food remnants, grease, mildew and other toxins.
Our clean out schedule can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs.

Power washing of driveways
Dirt from drive ways usually includes oil spots, rust stains, tire marks, paint or mildew. They make the entrance of your home unattractive and uninviting. Having deposits of debris collected by your tires in your driveway can end up back into your house, especially when you have kids around. Let us help make that first impression of inviting someone into your house by making your driveway sparkling clean. With our pressure washing equipment can get the job done.
Pressure washing of heavy duty machines
Our pressure washing also extends to steam-cleaning or power washing heavy equipment such as tractors, rollers, cranes, bulldozers, trucks, trash trucks and more. We make sure to remove dirt, mud, oil and grease build-up from all these heavy machines making them spotless, clean and ready for their work again.

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  1. Very nice services are provided by All Star Cleaning. I think power and pressure washing both are necessary for homes and commercial buildings as well.

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