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Portfolio Category: Residental

Wood Restoration Services

After a number of years, decks, fences, patio furniture and more can become degraded due to its continuous exposure to weather and a lot of abuse from our activities on it. The wood becomes gray and has discoloration. Is your wooden fence or deck broken or damaged and you think it needs a light repair…
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Power Wash

Our power washing and pressure washing services Outdoor surfaces, including walk ways, buildings, garages and parking lots are faced with daily contamination from dirt, oil, greases and different kinds of pollutions. This in turn can make your residential or commercial property to lose its cleanliness and value. This is not good for your business and…
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Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti Removal Services by All Star Cleaning Graffiti is the words, colors and shapes drawn or painted on buildings, overpasses, fences and other surfaces without permission. The purpose of graffiti varies, but in most cases it is simple vandalism. Graffiti removal is a tricky business! Did you know that if graffiti is incorrectly removed, then…
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Ultimate Windows Cleaning Service

Fоr еffесtivе windоw сlеаning ѕеrviсе, уоu nееd a company that iѕ аblе tо dеlivеr ԛuаlitу ѕеrviсе. All Star Cleaning соmраnу has the knowledge аnd mаnроwеr tо оffеr the best windоw cleaning Huntington Beach. Before ѕеttling on a company tо саrrу out your home оr соmmеrсiаl window cleaning nееdѕ, whу not сhесk оut a company to…
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